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I create value by helping people harness their untapped potential and align their personal and professional lives with their principles and passions.

Regina Ross, PCC, PHR

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Professional in Human Resources (HRCI)

When asked why I'm devoted to this mission of helping others learn how to ‘walk on purpose’, I tell the story of my high school chemistry teacher who enlarged my vision for my future by motivating me to attend college and obtain my Engineering degree. I am thankful for the other key influencers in my life who have recognized the hidden potential within me and challenged me to live up to it. Listen to my "Paying It Forward" interview to hear more of my story.

In my 25+ year career, I have endeavored to not only to honor their investment in me, but to also help others tap into their full potential. As a trained facilitator, versatile business & ministry leader, and certified Change Management, Lean & HR practitioner with a passion for continuous improvement, I have used a variety of techniques over the years to help accelerate the development of the employees, congregants, leaders and colleagues who I have been blessed to serve.


I added professional coach training (Coach U) and certification (ICF) to my repertoire to help increase the impact I could make in the lives of those I serve. Although I've seen some notable returns from mentoring, training and advising these groups, I have witnessed the greatest growth by using a coach approach tailored to each person's unique needs and aspirations. As a leadership & life coach, I help my clients enlarge their vision, clarify their focus, and bring out their best to enable them to achieve greater levels of sustainable success. If the idea of learning how to 'walk on purpose' intrigues you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session to explore your needs and determine how I might best support you. Click my calendar link to get started.


Walk on Purpose provides:

  • Guarantee of confidentiality

  • Customized coaching conducted via audio / video conference bridge

  • Structured, yet flexible coaching experience ranging from single deep-dive sessions to longer-term engagements

  • A variety of assessments to help determine your current state vs. desired future state

  • Individualized assignments between sessions to augment learning and support goal attainment

  • E-mail, text, and phone contact between coaching sessions

  • Initial, mid-term and completion meetings with client (and sponsor / employer as appropriate)

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