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6-Week Virtual Group Coaching Program

Imagine waking up every morning excited about the possibilities of the day – fully present in the moment and unencumbered by your past. 


Envision being free of the need to react to small annoyances or major drama, people’s opinions or unrealistic expectations.


Consider having your needs fully met, your values honored and your passions purposefully pursued.

This workshop promotes the practice of extreme self-care by helping you fortify your foundation.  The foundation is the most critical component in building construction as its purpose is to hold up and hold together the structure above it. Without a solid foundation, the structure would sink, rot, crack and be otherwise damaged over time by natural forces. The better the foundation, the more solid you can build on top of it.  Large massive structures like skyscrapers must have deep foundations whereas small structures such as tiny houses don’t need much of a foundation.


If you have a vision for living a fulfilling life built upon a solid foundation with a substantial footprint, this program was made just for you!

In the Fortify Your Foundation program we explore the following topics:

  • Free Yourself

    • Of Limiting Beliefs, Tolerations & the Past

  • Center Yourself

    • Around Your Needs, Values & Passions

  • Protect Yourself

    • Healthy Boundaries, Standards & Reserves

  • Anchor Yourself

    • Spirituality, Family & Community


“It’s good to be around like-minded people who are all seeking to make ourselves better and our world a better place.  I’m learning a lot not just from the course material, but from each other.”

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Registration Info
  • The Fortify Your Foundation program consists of six 75-minute group coaching sessions conducted via conference bridge to enable participants from any location to join.

  • Expect to be challenged and celebrated by your peers and your coach in a supportive and engaging learning environment.

  • You will walk away from this program with proven tools and techniques for simplifying and aligning your life around what really matters!

Investment: $749 US

This includes:

  • Workshop materials (workbook, assessments, worksheets & supplemental resources) so that you can simply show up ready to learn!

  • 1:1 coaching with Regina Ross to explore your needs to enhance your learning

  • Access to a private online forum to facilitate ongoing connection with other FYF mastermind participants

  • 15% discount for 1:1 coaching packages purchased within 3 months of completing the workshop to support your ongoing journey towards Enlarging Your Vision of Success & Achieving It!

  • A 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Special Bonus
Class Size Capped to 10 Participants
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