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Who is this program for?

  • For purpose-driven people who desire to make a larger, lasting impact in the areas where they are called to serve

  • For servant and ministry leaders who may be experiencing burnout or 'servant fatigue'

  • For anyone who wants to achieve and maintain a healthy 'work hard / rest well'  balance between self-care and serving others

In my 20+ years serving as a pastor and my 25+ years working in corporate America, I have experienced burn-out while trying my best to execute my assignments with excellence.  As I assumed greater levels of influence and responsibility, I began to take practical steps break this vicious cycle of what I like to call “servant fatigue”. I invite you to tap into these learnings that I share in my online program, Maximum Impact with Margin.

Program Info
  • This online course can be completed at your own pace.

  • Participants will be invited to engage with each other in an online community.

  • Beta participants can experience this program in a test environment at a low introductory price of $27.

In this online program, explore how to apply my D.A.R.E. techniques to multiply the impact you have while increasing your margin:

  • Develop the capability and accountability of those you lead and serve

  • Align with God’s Service / Sabbath rest mindset and with your productivity patterns 

  • Re-evaluate your commitments & reserve your best "yes" for those vital few assignments​

  • Extend healthy boundaries & establish effective routines

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