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As I reflect on world events and my personal life altering moments of this past year, I am truly

Mighty Forest Reflection in Lake

grateful that I heeded that gentle nudge in my spirit early in the year to realign my priorities and find better balance. I had no idea that things would unfold throughout the year the way that they did; I'm glad that I was well-positioned to make sound decisions and take meaningful action instead of haphazardly reacting to life as it happened to me. I won't bore you with the details of my personal journey, but I will impart four key takeaways from my experience:

  1. Get clear on who you are and what you uniquely have been placed on this earth to do. Write this vision down so you can re-read it when the path towards fulfilling your purpose grows dim or seems unclear. Let it be your North Star that illuminates your path forward even in the midst of treacherous terrain, disappointing detours or uncharted territory. If you still haven't figured out your unique purpose, I encourage you to use this Life Purpose Worksheet or complete this Personal Mission Statement exercise.

  2. Find ways to authentically express your value and align your daily life with your purpose RIGHT NOW. Don't wait until you have it 100% together to start making a difference in your sphere of influence. Identify who or what you can positively impact with your gifts, talents and passions, then JUST DO IT!

  3. Deal with the distractions that will try to knock you off course. Whether they be internal distractions such as doubt, fear, lack of discipline, etc. or external pressures that may come in the form of financial, relational or other challenges, persist in finding a way to overcome these hindrances. Isn't the realization of your passion worth fighting for?

  4. Affirm and care for yourself. Don't expect others to do this for you. If they do, gratefully receive their support without attachments or unrealistic expectations. Recognize your strengths, advocate for yourself, celebrate your accomplishments, establish healthy boundaries, love and respect yourself. Say ‘no’ to the myriad of demands for your precious energy and time more often so you can reserve your ‘yesses’ for those things that are really important to you and your destiny. Rid yourself of tolerations that are weighing you down. Build regular habits that bring you fulfillment and take you closer to being your best you.

These key learnings may sound easier than they really are. It takes courage to ask yourself the tough question ‘why on earth am I on this earth?’ and then determination to pursue your passions while managing everyday life. I often use the Change Equation with my coaching clients who seem to be stuck in inaction.

Change Equation

Get a compelling vision of all that you can be and do in this next year, then push past the distractions & resistance as you walk on purpose and with intention towards fulfilling your God-given destiny!

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