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2020 - Regret or Reset?

The 2020 year started with so much promise. I heard and even delivered inspirational messages about this being a time of double (20x20), a year of clarity (20/20 vision), and a season of completeness as signified by biblical numerology. The New Year seemed to be going well when the fatal helicopter crash of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in late January shocked the nation and caused celebrities, politicians and fans from all backgrounds to publicly mourn his death. This incident barely faded from the news channels when rumors of a virus outbreak in China began to spread. These ‘rumors’ have proven to be a global pandemic that has cost the lives and livelihood of countless people across the globe. While many people practicing self-isolation to avoid the spread of COVID-19 were glued to social media, the inhumane murder of an unarmed, handcuffed black man George Floyd caused by his arresting Minneapolis police officer kneeling on his neck for 8:46 minutes was caught on video and broadcast for the world to witness. Public outrage at this blatant display of police brutality and social injustice ensued as peaceful protests and violent raids spread across the world. Cases of the coronavirus have since spiked again as a result of large public gatherings associated with the protests and the easing of social distancing restrictions.

I cannot fault folks for jumping on the #2020 SUCKS bandwagon. I’ve even caught myself saying this a few times as I wonder “what's next?”. However, as we face the half-way mark of 2020, I’m challenging myself to really reflect on the year and the good that can be gleaned from it. Has this been a year marked by regret or can the events that have occurred prompt us to reflect and reset?

I admire the entrepreneurs, ministry leaders and business owners that have seized the opportunities to develop / expand their online platforms or shift their offerings to meet the needs of those they serve. I’m encouraged by the show of solidarity of black & white, young & old, individuals & corporations linking arms to fight injustice and systemic racism. I’m sobered by the fact that tomorrow is not promised to anyone and am reminded to Live Like You Were Dying. The fact that 2020 has been fraught with major worldwide drama has caused me to really reflect on why on earth I’m on this earth and what I’m doing with my precious, finite resources - my time, talents, finances, health, opportunities, etc…. Being in self-isolation has caused me to examine my former hectic pace of life. I’m spending more quality time reading, thinking, resting and connecting with loved ones. The deafening cry for social justice has snapped me out of numbness to the racism & sexism I routinely encounter and has caused me to find my voice & speak my truth. For the first time in a very long time, I really feel like I’m expressing my authentic self in all areas of my life. So, while 2020 has been difficult, I am grateful for the growth that I’m seeing as a result; growth in my mindset, my character, my focus, and my perspective. What about you? Is this a year that you regret or one that will cause you to reflect and reset?


Regina Ross is a certified HR & Change Management Practitioner and ICF-credentialed Executive Coach who helps leaders successfully navigate organizational and personal transformations. Contact Regina at ✉ or

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