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A Word of Purpose - Enter Into God's Rest

I recorded this message and was planning to post it a month ago, but I could not. I initially thought it was due to technical difficulty getting the video to upload before Sunday morning worship service. However, while singing the song ‘Yes’ by Shekinah Glory during worship, I felt the Lord beckoning me to SAY YES to His call to enter into His rest.⁣

It wasn’t a gentle prodding - it was an urgent command. Therefore, I took a month-long break from social media and other activities to create the space for me to clearly hear and promptly obey the voice of God.⁣

I had to take a step back to see how overextended I was and how much I needed to heed the Lord’s call to enter into His rest. Although I’ve ended my social media hiatus, I have changed my routine and slowed my pace. I listened to this message again with a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding. I am drinking from the water of the Word as I let it flow through me. I pray this brief message blesses you. May you walk on purpose, live with intention and enter into God’s rest.⁣

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